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So when you already have a messed up sleeping schedule, are in so much pain you can’t sleep if you wanted to, need your heating pad so you’re already sweating, the fan makes loud noises that keep you up and the air is not on at all…all this plus sleeping on the floor (because it’s better then the couch) and getting woken up as soon as you fall asleep because this house is loud, makes it hard to sleep or be a decent human being at all. God is teaching me a lot with this experience #arthritissucks #datheatingpadlifetho

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Thursday my dad took fluffy butt to the vet because she was acting weird. He brought her home and told me and my mom that she had kidney failure, we took her back to stay for a few days so they could give her fluids and see if she would get better. Today we picked her up and she’s doing better, not her perfect normal self yet but the fluids are helping.

It’s hard to deal with but we’re just taking it one day at a time. She’s been sleeping most of the say, and drinking like crazy lol. Just trying to cuddle with her right now but she’s not having it lol.
#catsofinstagram #instacat #prayformykitty #fuzzybutt

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